H-2A Visa Program Management

Let Ag Workforce Help You

The H-2A program is the only legal non-immigrant foreign worker visa program available to agricultural employers who have seasonal labor needs. All U.S. agricultural employers, who show seasonal recurring labor needs, can apply for this program. Ag Workforce works with agricultural businesses across the broad spectrum including small family farms to large producers.

Ag Workforce has developed processes to help navigate all businesses through the H-2A program’s vast complexities. As your partner on the workforce and human resource front, your business will have its own dedicated resource manager to keep you informed throughout the full suite of needs associated with the H-2A processes:

  • Workforce Planning
  • Workforce Fulfillment
    • Coordination Between Legal, Consular Processing and Transportation
    • Recruitment
    • On-Boarding
    • Transfers
  • Compliance Management
    • Tracking and Preparation Related the Department of Labor, USCIS/DHS Compliance